The Nozato Electrical Engineering and Construction Company is a group of engineers
that provides support for manufacturing and daily living.

Message from the President


Since its foundation in 1947, NOZATO has been committed to a wide range of projects throughout Japan and has earned a solid reputation thanks to the continued support and patronage of our customers. In the future, we will continue our efforts to further improve our technological capabilities in the plants and industrial facilities sector as well as in the control systems sector. We will also actively pursue new strategic challenges in the energy sector such as the biogas business and are striving to expand our business globally.

In today's society, where digitalization and AI are rapidly advancing, we believe that vigorously promoting digital transformation (DX) will create new business opportunities. I am determined to spearhead this transformation process in order to meet the needs of this era of technological innovation. We will be strategically incorporating digitalization while at the same time will carry on with our endeavors in the traditional spirit of NOZATO.

Moreover, as a businessperson, I will steadfastly continue to treasure personal interactions with people and always value the bonds with our customers, partner companies, and fellow employees. By doing so, we will further grow as a company in anticipation of our upcoming 100th anniversary.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Masahiro Fujikawa, President and Representative Director

Company Info

Founded February 10, 1947
Capital 280 Million Yen
Representative President Masahiro Fujikawa
(Special-2)No.1088 by MLITBusiness Licence
(Special-2)No.1088 by MLIT
(Ordinary-2)No.1088 by MLIT
ISO 9001 certified JUSE-RA-2035(Applicable standards ISO9001:2015)
Business categories
General electrical facility design and construction
Instrumentation facility design and construction
Plant facility design and construction
Electrical communication facility design and construction
Parking management system design and construction
Building design and construction
Plumbing design and construction
Control panel design and manufacturing
Biogas Power Generation Systems design and construction
Solar power system design and construction
Number of Employees 290 employees(Engineering Staff : 211 Sales & Administrative Staff : 79)

Business Outline


Nozato offers an integrated structure of services from design and implementation to repairs and maintenance for electrical equipment work in government administration facilities such as government offices, educational and cultural facilities and research institutions, public facilities like airports and train stations, and also private facilities including apartments and office buildings. Although we refer to our business as electrical equipment work, this itself comprises many and varied activities. Our business spheres encompass systems for lighting control, ventilation and internal announcements to equipment used for ensuring the safety of people such as automatic fire alarms and lightening protection devices.
In addition to this, over the years we have also been establishing a track record in assessing the overall energy conservation of buildings and offering related consultations, as well as supplying and setting up energy-efficient equipment.
By leveraging the know how we have acquired over many years as professionals in electrical equipment work, we are also working on installing the latest electrical equipment in buildings constructed during Japan’s period of rapid economic growth to help extend the life of these buildings and enhance their value.

Plants and Industrial Facilities
Plants and Industrial Facilities
Plants and Industrial Facilities
Plants and Industrial Facilities
Plants and Industrial Facilities

Nozato is involved in electrical equipment work, repairs and maintenance accompanying the set up, expansion, transfer and restructuring of automated production lines in numerous manufacturing plants such as steelworks, automobiles, heavy electrics, household electrics, food and beverages, recycling, chemicals, and spinning. Electrical equipment work in plants requires technical skills across the areas of transport, control, and manufacturing. Furthermore, as the mechanisms of production lines differ depending on the type and size of its products, almost all lines are order made.
We specialize in the advanced technical skills required for the design and implementation of production lines, while keeping in line with their diversifying needs in terms of production methods, wiring routes, control, and safety (protection and explosion prevention).
Nozato will also continue to meet the growing requests of customers for carrying out work at overseas plants.

Control Systems
Control Systems
Control Systems
Control Systems
Control Systems

Control boards are devices for safely operating and supplying electricity to production equipment in plants.
Most plants in the manufacturing industry feature the latest equipment, almost all of which are electrically controlled. Control boards are required for a range of processes, from supplying the power to pass products through the production line to using sensors for detecting and managing the position of products, and also controlling the flow of raw materials. Similar to electrical equipment work, Nozato provides control boards to numerous industries including steelworks, automobiles, heavy electrics, household electrics, food and beverages, recycling, chemicals, and spinning.
We also develop our own programs for the control boards, and offer a total system covering manufacturing, installation, modifications, and repairs and maintenance. As control boards are ordered at the same time as electrical equipment work, there is no need to separately order a control system, which also helps customers to curb costs and reduce their management load.
As Japan’s manufacturing industry continues its outflux overseas, Nozato will focus on providing control systems abroad as well.

Parking Systems
Parking Systems
Parking Systems
Parking Systems
Parking Systems

Nozato provides services for vehicle and bicycle parking areas, including planning and proposals, installation, administration, and repairs and maintenance. We propose an optimal combination of equipment for customers, according to their planned sites and lots for parking.
Administration comprises a diverse range of work such as troubleshooting and dealing with equipment malfunctions, handling complaints, and collecting money. For these tasks, we select the best possible equipment and mechanisms to match the scale and state of parking, and develop a system to ensure the continual maximization of profits. Also, as we install the system ourselves, customers are able to lower the total cost by eliminating indirect expenses and other wasteful spending.
We will utilize our accumulated know how in administration, and from hereon focus on receiving commissions for this work in existing parking areas. At the same time, we will also pursue further optimization of our operations and acquire knowledge in both areas of implementation and operations, so that we can offer proposals to our customers that will help to maximize their profits.

Biogas Power Generation Systems
Biogas Power Generation Systems
Biogas Power Generation Systems
Biogas Power Generation Systems
Biogas Power Generation Systems

Our Track Record
We offer one-stop construction from start to finish through our comprehensive EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) system.

Our Construction Record
Makinohara Biogas Power Plant (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Plant Processing Capacity
Industrial Waste Product (Food Residue) Processing Capacity: 80t/Day
Plant Power Output
650kW (Annual: 3.4M kWh – Enough to Power 600 Average Homes Year-Round)

Contributing Extensively to the Development of Local Communities through Renewable Energy Nozato Electrical Engineering & Construction is engaged in the cutting-edge field of “Biogas Power Generation Systems,” a new type of renewable energy system that looks ahead to the future of our Earth.
Biogas is a type of natural gas that is produced through methane fermentation of organic (biomass) raw materials, including household garbage, livestock waste, food processing residue and various types of sewage and sludge.
As an all-natural energy source, biofuel is an environmentally friendly alternative that may one day replace fossil fuels.
A Biogas Power Generation System is a system that uses the heat produced by burning biogas to boil water, producing steam that turns the rotors of a turbine to generate electric power. At the same time, the byproducts of the biogas production process (digesters and digested biofuel) can also be put to use in a wide range of secondary applications, including as clean and safe fertilizer that is free of weed seeds or pathogens.

Topics: The Major Benefits of Biogas Power Generation Systems

Resource Savings & Reduced Environmental Impact
Environmental Protection toward the Creation of a More Recycling-Oriented Society
Reduced Waste Treatment Costs
Earnings from the Sale of Fertilizer & Electricity
Local Community Revitalization through Biomass Business Activities
Positive Economic Ripple Effects for Local Communities
Photovoltaic System
Photovoltaic System
Photovoltaic System
Photovoltaic System
Photovoltaic System

Although renewable energy is receiving an exceptional amount of attention these days, Nozato has been focusing and working on photovoltaic systems for over a decade. Our initial focus was on photovoltaic systems for homes, but now our strength is in offering integrated total support for the planning, design, installation, and repairs and maintenance of mega solar plants designed for selling electric power.
Upon the enactment of the Act on Special Measures Concerning the Procurement of Renewable Electrical Energy by Operators of Electric Utilities, we had already acquired a sufficient amount of diverse know how in our photovoltaic systems regarding the design and implementation technology for maximizing sunlight, and the capacity for dealing with typhoons and other natural disasters.
This has enabled us to carry out a large volume of mega solar high-voltage electrical work directly following the enactment of the Act, while also building a one-stop system capable of handling everything from planning and proposal to implementation and maintenance. Through this we were able to expand our share of the market by leveraging the merits of our system in minimizing the load on customers, such as proposing implementation styles that curb initial investment costs and taking into account repairs and maintenance, and also offering support in processing various applications to government authorities. We will continue to work on developing technology to keep initial investment costs under control, and improving technology for the repairs and maintenance of existing photovoltaic systems.
Nozato is committed to taking on the challenge of developing technology for photovoltaic and also other renewable energy systems.

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